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When Destro ended up in the Marvel U. and created a Super Sentai

When Destro ended up in the Marvel U. and created a Super Sentai

It is an attempt to combine the Super Sentai concept with the gun-totting Punisher idea technologically. The creation of the devices will be facilitated by dystopian variations of Bentley-23 and Onome (from Future Foundation) using the remnant of Midas Corporation stolen alien technology and Heroic Age technology.

An Auric Amulet is an unstable molecules derivative of the…

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I was reading DC’s weekly series Countdown with the intent of writing an issue-by-issue summary of it and its spinoffs, but in the end I realized the only decent thing to come out of the series at all were these lovely Ryan Sook covers for the assorted reprint specials.

Seriously, what a stinker. Enjoy the Ryan Sook, tho!



Those fine folks at Comic Book Resources have the exclusive preview of Adventures of Superman #46 (out on Monday for only $0.99) drawn by mingdoyle (doing KamandI!), brentschoonover (doing 1939 Superman!) and written by that Joe Keatinge guy.

It’s the first of three parts. Part two features more Ming Doyle Kamandi with a 2013 Superman drawn by David Williams and Al Gordon. Part three features 1926 Clark Kent drawn by tulalotaycomics and jasonshawnalexander drawing Superman at the end of all time. 

All under a cover by Jon Bogdanove, responsible for one of my favorite Superman comics of all time

Out weekly, starting on Monday, March 10th!

My first DC work, I’m just over the moon excited about this. You’d buy that for a dollar, right?! :D


Curious about the brown. Why a different color? Battling Boy original art (detail, behind glass), Society of Illustrators NYC. Paul Pope. 2013.

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This Week in Panels — JUPITER’S LEGACY #4 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely


This Week in Panels — JUPITER’S LEGACY #4 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely


This is my mom’s friend, Noemi Gonzalez (54 years old) who has been missing since February 12th, 2014. She suffers from epilepsy (seizures) and cardiogenic syndrome which is a serious heart defect that can lead to heart failure. She has no known mental illnesses. She was last seen on 2/12/14 at 2:00am by her son. She doesn’t have her car keys, cell phone, or wallet which her family says she would never leave home without and they haven’t had any contact with her whatsoever since shes been missing!! Obviously it’s not very good that she’s been missing for three weeks and I was just told this a couple days ago. Please reblog this and help spread the word around, it takes one second to reblog and hopefully Noemi will be found!! Thank you, guys! :) 

Here are some articles about her: (x) (x) (x) (x)

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